About Us

The Canadian Home Warranty Council (CHWC) was established in 1978 with 7 not-for-profit home warranty provider members. Today there are 12 Members that Underwrite, Broker or Regulate Home Warranty for 90% of New Homes built in Canada.

Coverage varies by region and province but includes protection from deposit loss, workmanship flaws, water penetration of the building envelope, functionality of the service supply, and structural failure for up to 10 years.

Four primary objectives of the CHWC are:

  • To positively influence the direction of the new home warranty industry for the benefit of consumers, builders, policy makers, and new home warranty providers;
  • To support appropriate marketplace responses related to construction quality,
    technology, and building design, to the benefit of homebuyers and the industry; and
  • To assist in developing the abilities, skills, and competence of practitioners in the industry – builders, vendors, developers, trades, manufacturers, financiers, regulators, professionals, and warranty programs;
  • To encourage continued development of and improvement to the provisions of and criteria for warranty coverage, for the benefit of purchasers and home builders

The Canadian Home Warranty Council participates in international organizations such as the International Housing and Home Warranty Association, to further the objects of the Council and to support international development of homeowner protection systems.